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Veteran’s Day is still some days away, but I had to post some thought as a Veteran myself (the other two blogger on Vertiasdomain have also served in the military as well) about our larger political and social climate today

The election is coming and as always this season is a time the American people (some) wake up from political slumber to vote

A thing I have noted from recent discussion is the amazing disconnect of our society and especially in the political realm from the reality of the fact that America has been in war for nine years now.  It seems that for the majority of America, the only cultural artifact that there is even a war currently going on appears in the form of popular video games, which our current conflict serve as good foils for kids’ shooting games.

There has always been something disturbing to me about a government comprising of leaders who are ignorant and lack of respect for the military and the men and women who are the ones who execute their policy.  I’m not talking about one particular event, but it has been a trend in recent time where many of our generation’s leaders when they were military age were busy trying to fight the draft instead of fighting in the military.  A consequence of that era seem to produce a generation of current political leaders who devalue the men and women who serve in the military and not understanding what they are asking these men and women to do. And I wonder about the larger implication of this cultural divide and the direction of this country.

What follows are some markers of the political scene and it’s disconnect with the men and women who serve.

1.) The Way We Treat Our Troops – NYTimes.com – While not agreeing with everything he has to say, he makes a sobering opening about what our society celebrates and the disconnect with our society with the war, and whom we pay attention to as a cultural heroes.

2.)  Retired Chief of Staff General Hugh Shelton’s new autobiography reveals how a member of the Clinton administration suggested letting a U-2 spy get shot down in a plan for America to attack Saddam Hussein.  Talking about seeing a service member’s life as a pawn!

3.) Apparently, for one politician name Jim Moran, being an Army officer who served in Iraq and the Balkans peacekeeping operation is not “public service” and just a job that collects a pay check.

Apparently from reading more of this guy, he thinks PTAs, Rotary club and volunteering in the community is public service, but not…the military? And this guy has the nerve not to say sorry but defend himself!

4.) In the eyes of one Berkeley city council members, marines are for those young people who have no oppourtunity

Dude, these Code Pink people protests Marine recruiting stations like it’s an abortion clinic–ironic, since abortion services must be protected at all costs because it’s someone’s “choice”, but the military…no, it kills others.

5.) John Kerry tells students how to avoid going to Iraq

Kerry preached this at a school I went to, did well at in all my classes and moved on, along the way serving a tour in Iraq.

6.) Behind the whole political gambit against “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is the idea that the military needs to be equal, and it needs “diversity”.  I don’t know if the military should be seen as an institution for social and political pet project experimentation.  Especially, when there’s a more urgent concern on our plate– there is a war that has been going on for nine years and we are losing it!  The thought of experimenting with tempting open homosexuals as a member in an all-male Marine infantry battalion don’t thrill me–and I’ve seen in Iraq what a closet homosexual can do when the temptation is fling daily to him with Marines in close quarters and lack of privacy.  Something tells me that problems are going to happen when we put men (that’s attracted to women) in women showers, yet some of our political elites don’t think of the implication of putting someone in close quarters with those whom they are physically attracted to…instead, they make it their pet project crafted in the guise of “free speech” (Never mind the fact that some of these are the very ones who disapprove of the Great General Mattis speech about killing certain people.  The marines was invented for that purpose you know!).

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