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This is an important caveat by Erik Wait

This work was written in 2002 and was originally put together for my own use and was not intended to be published or posted on my web site. Essentially it is a synthesis of my notes from Greg Bahnsen’s audio lecture series “A Seminary Course on Apologetics,” his posthumously published works Van Til’s Apologetic and his shorter introduction to Apologetics Always Ready, John Frame’s books Van Til: An Analysis of His Thought and Apologetics to the Glory of God as well as own original work. In editing this project I have also reworded some phrases in order to make them easier to understand as well as added dates and clarifying statements. Consequently, the reader should not think what follows is necessarily a direct quotation of Bahnsen’s lectures.

Here it is for your enjoyment!

An Introduction to Cornelius Van Til’s Presuppositional Apologetics
Chapter 1- The Historical and Biblical Concept of Apologetics
Chapter 2 – Apologetic’s Relationship to Other Fields of Theology
Chapter 3 – Apologetics and Epistemology
Chapter 4 – History of Apologetics: from the Second Century to the Present
Chapter 5 – Biblical Guidance For Apologetics: Revelational Epistemology
Chapter 6 – The Lordship of Christ in the Realm of Knowledge
Chapter 7 – The Foolishness of Unbelief and the Two Step Apologetical Process
Chapter 8 – Worldviews in Collision
Chapter 9 – One Must Believe in Order To Understand
Chapter 10 – Acts 17 “The Encounter OF Jerusalem With Athens”
Chapter 11 – Antithesis and Self Attestation of Scripture
Chapter 12 – Worldview Issues
Chapter 13 – Epistemological Issues: Knowledge
Chapter 14 – Kuyper and Warfield
Chapter 15 – Evidence and Evidentialism
Chapter 16- Answering John Frame’s Critique of Presuppositionalism
Chapter 17 – Answering Macro-Evolution
Chapter 18 – Answering Islam
Footnotes for Introduction To Van Tilian Apologetics

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