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This was up in Canada.

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Sometimes the LORD’s ways are different than the ways we want it.

We would want all men to believe there is a God who will judge those on earth (Hence, the need for the Gospel).

There is a coming day which he shows Himself in such a manner that all will no longer deny it.

It is shown in a way that sinners might not necessarily like.

1Do you indeed speak righteousness, O [a]gods?
Do you (A)judge [b]uprightly, O sons of men?
2No, in heart you (B)work unrighteousness;
On earth you (C)weigh out the violence of your hands.
3The wicked are estranged (D)from the womb;
These who speak lies (E)go astray from birth.
4They have venom like the (F)venom of a serpent;
Like a deaf cobra that stops up its ear,
5So that it (G)does not hear the voice of (H)charmers,
Or a skillful caster of spells.
6O God, (I)shatter their teeth in their mouth;
Break out the fangs of the young lions, O LORD.
7Let them (J)flow away like water that runs off;
When he (K)aims his arrows, let them be as headless shafts.
8Let them be as a snail which melts away as it goes along,
Like the (L)miscarriages of a woman which never see the sun.
9Before your (M)pots can feel the fire of thorns
He will (N)sweep them away with a whirlwind, the green and the burning alike.
10The (O)righteous will rejoice when he (P)sees the vengeance;
He will (Q)wash his feet in the blood of the wicked.
11And men will say, “Surely there is a (R)reward for the righteous;
Surely there is a God who (S)judges on earth!”

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This clip is making its round in various Christian blogs and I thought I post this too.

It makes me emotional thinking about the fact that the truth of God is being sang and you wonder if people understand and accept it.

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“Rome recognized various national traditions and legalized them as subordinate aspects of imperial law.  Christian family life, however, respectful of Roman law, moved clearly in terms of a law claiming priority  to Rome and, indeed, granting tolerance by way of commanding obedience to it (Rom. 13).  Christian could defend their position as an obedient, law abiding people, but their defense was obviously false [Editor’s not: to the Romans].  Rome claim the right to establish the gods and religions, but the Christians obeyed because they declared their God had established Rome and commanded obedience to civil authorities.  A more direct assault on the fundamental principle of Roman law is hard to imagine.  Whether the God of the Christians commanded obedience or rebellion, the principle of the priority of His law, and His right to ordain and to recognize, was clearly treasonable, and many emperors felt that persecution for oblieration was necessary in order to remove this threat to their power and position.” (Rousas John Rushdoony, The One and the Many, 134)

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There is an inspiring and emotional testimony from a young North Korean student, live from the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelism in Cape Town.

The link to the clip is available here: http://www.12cities12conversations.com/2010/11/17/truth-testimony-from-north-korea/

With the recent shelling of Yeonpyeong, may Christians be called to remember to pray for the North Korean people who have been oppressed by it’s evil government which hurts those within it’s border and beyond

Pray for God to work through the underground church in North Korea

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James M. Grier is an example of a Presuppositionalist (Van Tillian) coming from a Dispensationalist’s background (see here for another example).

He has an audio series available on building a Christian wordview

Building a Christian Worldview Conference (these files are hosted at http://www.sermonaudio.com)


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I know it is a novel of sorts but it might interests those who are have an eye for China’s Christianity

The book is titled “Safely Home”, a book which Randy Alcorn has written written this 416 page work  back in 2001, but today it is for free on Kindle!


Thanks goes to Brian Auten from Apologetics315!

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