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For Information, visit the Trinity Foundation’s webpage on it by clicking HERE

The Trinity Foundation is pleased to announce the Seventh Annual Christian Worldview Essay Contest

First Prize $3,000

Second Prize $2,000

Third Prize $1,000

The topic of the 2011 Christian Worldview Essay Contest is the book Introduction to Christian Philosophy (“The Wheaton Lectures”) by Gordon H. Clark. Each person who enters the contest must read this book and write an essay about it. The book is included in Christian Philosophy and in Clark and His Critics (as “The Wheaton Lectures”) and is available for $15.00 for either book (retail price: $21.95 for trade paperback) per copy, postpaid to U.S. addresses.

The Trinity Foundation
Post Office Box 68
Unicoi, Tennessee 37692
http://www.trinityfoundation.org 423.743.0199


Essay Submission Rules

Each person who enters the contest must be no younger than 17 years of age and no older than 23 years of age on January 1, 2011.

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