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For all of you into Presuppositional Apologetics, just getting started or want to learn more about it, here’s my list of need to get books that is (key word that follows) *GIFT FRIENDLY*.

Some of them are linked with my review.  I will be complete my review of each book sometime this week. So do come back to this post for the updates!

1.) God Is: How Christianity Explains Everything

For a sample of how Presuppositional Apologetics is applied, friendly read for the general reading audience.

Purchase:  Amazon

2.) The Defense of the Faith

Some Presuppositionalists I know have heard and read more from Van Til’s student’s exposition on apologetics than directly from Cornelius Van Til himself.  Get the fourth edition which has helpful comment by Oliphint from Westminster.

Purchase: Westminster | Amazon

3.) Presuppositional Apologetics: Stated and Defended

The more recently posthumously published workl by Bahnsen.  In my estimation, better than Always Ready.

Purchase: Westminster | Amazon

4.) Apologetics to the Glory of God

If people weren’t introduced through Greg Bahnsen’s Alway Ready to Presuppositional Apologetics, chances are they read this book instead.

Purchase: Westminster | Amazon

5.) God and Evil: The Problem Solved

Concise, yet probably the best Reformed answer to this subject by Gordon Clark. Now available on Audio Book only through the Trinity Foundation, read by Walt Lilo, a friend of Veritas Domain.

Purchase:  Amazon

6.) Symphonic Theology

Short work, I believe Presuppositionalism’s cousin is MultiPerspectivalism, and it is a great tool in the task of theology.

Purchase: Westminster | Amazon

7.) Five Views of Apologetics

A survey and debate on apologetics methodology.

Purchase: Westminster | Amazon

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