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The problem of evil and God is an age old discussion. It seems that among a whole of issues, two in particular need to be addressed as they are foundational for the debate: what is evil, and it’s nature; and the type of God which is espoused that makes evil compatible/incompatible with it. Clark’s work, though it is short, is in my estimation one of the best discussion on this problem. If you are tired of the same old hashing of libertarian free will defense, I suggest this as a read. Clark is consciously tackling this issue from a Reformed perspective, and for that I commend him. The book provides some historical survey (as Clark often does in his work) and ultimately argues for a Ex Lex (“Outside the Law”) position. His discussion on the nature of responsibility should be read with care, for he argues that responsibility is often assume to be based upon libertarian free will for it to be meaningful. This has problems. Instead, he argues that responsibility rests on God’s sanction that it is so and not on free will. Before I spill the bean of his solution to the problem of evil, I recommend you read this…and now it’s on audio books through the Trinity Foundation for those who are short on time and on the road alot!

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