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Greg Bahnsen, the student of Van Til who contributed heavily towards the popularization of Presuppositionalism, has a good quote evaluating the issue of modern scientific studies and it’s alleged challenge to the normative aspect of the Word of God:

Christian ethics does not have its source in human research, evaluations, plans, or authority, but rather in the revealed Word of God.  In His sight all things are open and manifest.  His knowledge is infinite, infallible, and independent of the creature, and He is most holy in all His counsels, works, and commands.  Because God is omniscient, because He has created man with his specific nature, because He sovereignly governs every event of history, God does not depend upon man’s modern research to make His law applicable or relevant to man’s every historical situation.  Being the eternal creator and sustainer of the world and unchanging in His nature, God is not threatened with obsolesce; He and His law are relevant to every moment of finite man’s existence.” (Bahnsen, Homosexuality, p. 23).

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