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A quote from Van Til

It is not as though the Reformed apologist should not interest himself in the nature of the non-Christian’s method.  On the contrary he should make a critical analysis of it.  He should, as it were, join his ‘friend’ in the use of it.  But he should do so self-consciously with the purpose of showing that its most consistent application not merely leads away from Christian theism but in leading away from Christian theism leads to destruction of reason and science as well.[1]

[1] Cornelius Van Til, Christian Apologetics, (Phillipsburg, New Jersey: Presbyterian and Reformed, 2003), 131.

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What a way to start the New Year!

Every Christian New Year resolution should be more growth in Christ and more sanctification (That should be a given)

For a limited time (this month of January 2011 only), Christian Audio Book is giving away free audio book by Jerry Bridges on holiness:

The Pursuit of Holiness

Narrator Arthur Morey

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