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John Frame’s book, “Evangelical Reunion” has been a hard to find book in physical hard copy at one time.

Then he allowed it to be free online through his website, but it was in Html format. Now he has it in PDF form!


In John M. Frame’s large festschrift, “Speaking the Truth in Love,” Frame describes his own book in this way:

“This book is a cry of the heart, protesting the scandal of the brokenness of the body of Christ through denominationalism.  It analyzes what denominionalism is, how it came to be, and how the Bible evaluates it.  Then the book presents an utterly unrealistic vision of how these divisions might be healed” (Speaking the Truth in Love, 8).

Utterly unrealistic vision of how to resolve it?  Perhaps, I’ve yet to read it.  But does Frame has something to say concerning the problem? The book’s now in PDF.

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