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I don’t know how long it will be up online at Ligoner’s Ministries but they have right now on their website an apologetic mock debate series titled “Silencing the Devil” where R.C. Sproul plays the Devil’s advocate and his mentor John Gertsner respond for the Christian position.

While the links are to the videos, I’ve begun listening through them as MP3.  Each segments are about thirty minutes long.  Here they are:

1.) Can We know the Truth?

2.) Is there a God?

3.) Is the Bible Inspired by God?

4.) Is God or Man is Sovereign?

5.) Interview with R.C. Sproul & John Gerstner

Again, these won’t be online forever! If somehow you visit those links above and it no longer works, you can purchase the DVD HERE through Ligonier ministries.

The method of apologetics employed here is Classical and influence by the Thomistic tradition, as those observing the debate will see in their exchange.  Of course, here at Veritas Domain we are Presuppositional in our apologetics methodology, but I thought it was good to be fair and give a hearing for Classical apologetics’ better advocates and also to learn from it.

Having said that, there were certain points in the debates that I would not have responded the way Dr. Gerstner did, and at times I think I would have headed at a different direction in a debating scenario during the moment of having to think on your feet.

RC Sproul has also interacted with Presuppositionalist Greg Bahnsen available at Covenant Media Foundation as a four CD set HERE

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