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Even before Rob Bell’s book was released on March 15th, 2011 there has been an unleash of a storm concerning his theology.

Over at Southern Seminary, a ninety minute panel discussion with their President Al Mohler, Justin Taylor, Russell Moore and Denny Burk was uploaded online on Saint Patrick’s day.

For the link, click HERE

NOTE: Some of the defenders of Rob Bell raised the issue that his critics should read the book before criticizing him.  I’ve pre-ordered “LOVE WINS” and just got it on Saturday and though I was reluctant to support his book sales, I wanted to be fair to the guy.  After I finish reading it I plan in a few weeks from now to write a critique of it and have it on here.  With the various reviews coming forth, I wish that my critique to be a little different, focusing specifically on his theological method behind his soteriology as I think it is important to be conscious of how Bell comes to the conclusions he comes to.

Stay tune.

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