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I know some say that Malaysia is rather peaceful and mild compared to other Islamic countries when it comes to persecution of Christians.

Still, that does not mean there is no attempt to try to hinder Christianity or it’s freedom to be Christian.

Apparently, the government of Malaysia has tried to stop the shipment and distribution of  35,000 Bibles until there is the word “For Christianity” as a warning in the cover.

Kind of makes me think about those smoking warning on American cigarettes that it can cause cancer. Wow, huh?

It was not just only a one time event in March 31 of this year. There’s pass history of this ongoing institutionalized discrimination if you read this entire linked article.

Today, it’s announced that there is a resolution to the dispute.  But note the condition:

The government announced that there will be no further conditions placed on the importation or local printing of Bibles for Sabah and Sarawak, in recognition of the large Christian communities in these states. But instead there will be a condition for Bibles imported or printed locally on the peninsula of Malaysia. These Bibles will have a cross on the cover and the words “Christian Publication.” This decision takes into account the interests of the majority Muslim community in the Malaysian peninsula.

Their resolution is to still force the same policy of warning on the cover of the Bibles, and then see this as a comprimise. Ha.

It is because of our desire to remember to pray and care for our brothers in persecuted countries under oppressive religious governments of all shades that our blog from time to time (and alot recently) speak out about the realities of Islam.

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