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Note: This is from a personal correspondence, someone asking my thoughts on a Huffington Post article titled, “The Psychology of Revenge:Why We should Stop Celebrating Osama Bin Laden’s Death”


Many things I want to comment on, but to keep me on track we’ll start with what her conclusion: “We will only have peace when we stop the cycle of jubilation over acts of violence.”  That’s what she’s arguing for.

1.) I think she’s committing a fallacy of the single cause (should we say, simple cause)when she said that violence would stop when the jubilation stops. The violence committed by Osama and other Wahabi Sunni Islam is not because people had jubiliation of justice in America…it’s because it’s what their religion dictates to them to do, and she fail to take this account. When the US took out several lower level Al Qaeda leadership through drones attack all throughout last year, no Americans took to the streets in jubiliation and yet…the cycle of Al Qaeda violence continued. Before most American even knew the name Osama or heard of Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda was already killing people all around the world, even before anyone ever celebrated justice being served to any of them. Al Qaeda’s violence will not end because the motive for these people  is found in Wahabi Sunni religious beliefs. The author’s conclusion is too simplistic and does not take many factors into consideration.
2.) Here’s a little Latin to remember: Post hoc ergo propter hoc. I think she commits a logical fallacy of seeing “jubilation” and the “revenge” that follows, and then jumping the gun that correlation implies a causal relationship. Just last week the Germans stopped another Terror plot from occurring, surely it wasn’t because the German celebrated Osama’s capture (because it hasn’t occurred yet). I don’t recall historically the Germans celebrating in any way during this “war on terror” in a post 9/11 world. Yet why…do Al Qaeda operatives want to attack…and attack them? Again, the cause for Al Qaeda’s violence has nothing to do with us…it has everything to do with Wahabism. And if “we” have anything to do with it is because we are all Kuffars (Infidels)…whether the West are atheistic or Christians…whether Iraqis are Shittes Muslims….whether India are Hindus…whether the Philippines are largely Catholics…or blow up things because it’s Buddhists (don’t forget this pre-9/11 historical fact, i mean even the peace loving Buddhists aren’t spared either!).  Let’s not overlook the fact that since 9/11 more muslims have been killed by Al Qaeda than non-muslims.
3.) Even if we overlook the fallacies made thus far, the author’s conclusion does not seem to follow. The American mass have largely enjoy the luxury of not having to follow current events around the world. I don’t remember when was the last time the US celebrated the death of an Al Qaeda member…in fact this might be the only first time at such an unprecedented scale. And yet the practice of not celebrating “justice” and at times the American practice of not even pursuing revenge/justice against Al Qaeda such as after Al Qaeda’s Kobar (I can’t spell at the moment) Tower bombing, the bombing of USS Cole and Al Qaeda’s involvement and support in the Battle of Modigishu…you would think would have broken this one way cycle of violence but it did not, because a pattern of years of the US not doing anything concrete led to…9/11, and the thousands of other violence since by Al Qaeda.
I think we call evil for what it is, and start putting the responsibility really where it belongs, with evil men beginning at the top with Osama. Our author makes a big gripe about human dignity. I find it ironic that we treat Wahabi Sunnis less than human everytime we say we have to be responsible for what they do, and they are almost viewed animal like with no ability not to be violent. Think of how we blame that crazy preacher burning the Quran…for even responsible for the deaths of those UN workers at the hand of Muslims? Al Qaeda will attack us again and it’s our fault…because their leader even at the end of his life was a coward and used an innocent woman as a human shield? Let’s give them their human dignities back and see them as responsible beings instead of animals.

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