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This work pits New Atheist Christopher Hitchens against Christian pastor Doug Wilson in a debate on the topic of whether Christianity is good for the world.  There are six rounds in the book, not including each of their introduction.  For such a serious and heavy topic, the book is short and concise and yet readers might enjoy this format over a long drawn out debate.  Both Hitchens and Wilson seem to do a good job in stating  their view in a short and concise matter.  Unlike other books that have a debate format, the two author’s personality are wonderful for tackling this topic especially for those who have seen the documentary “Collision.”  Both writers are great wordsmiths and the illustration given to draw analogies of what they are saying are worth buying the book alone.  If readers want to see the combination of wit, humor and profound observation of what a Presuppositional Apologist in action looks like, this is a work worth reading!  I think Van Til and Greg Bahnsen would be proud.

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