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I saw this article at CNN.

U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, who has been under fire after admitting to inappropriate communications with women online, has decided to seek treatment “to focus on becoming a better husband and healthier person,” his spokeswoman said Saturday.

Response: Inappropriate communication is quite the euphemism for Weiner’s act.  “Healthier person” isn’t the goal that will fix him in the long run as it’s wicked heart that prompt his sexual immorality.  What he needs is radical change of his heart.

While the New York congressman seeks treatment at an undisclosed location, he will take a “short leave of absence” from Congress, Risa Heller said in a statement.

Response: It’s interesting to see Weiner first lied, then move to a stage where he wasn’t denying anything, then owing up to it but won’t step down and now will only take a short leave of absence.  It shows that he is still attempting to be self-righteous and not seeing it as severe as it is in the sight of God. At every critical moment with his controversy, Weiner only gives in when the pressure is too great.  Not a good sign of a true repentant heart.

A Democratic source, familiar with conversations among Weiner and Democratic leadership about his fate, did not know what specific type of treatment Weiner, 46, would undergo.

Response: It is unfortunate that Weiner, like many people, tend to see sin in abstract terms detach from personal responsibility.  Hence, he doesn’t see that his action require him to be morally culpable (the right thing in this case is removal from office).  In fact, the danger of Weiner here is his reluctant admittance that there is a problem…and then to view it in medical terms.  Thus, what is sexually sinful is seen as something to seek “treatment” for rather than true repentance, and the goal is to be “healthier” instead of being truly transformed.  All the while, the real root of the problem is the heart…which ever is away from others, and will eventually find it’s way to creep out secretly, except this time it is more likely to be better stealth mode like a virus that have survive and getting better at it’s game.

HOW THEN CAN THE HEART BE CHANGE?  THROUGH JESUS CHRIST.  He came on earth to die on the cross for sinners who will repent.  Jesus was resurrected on the third day to testify to this glorious truth.  The Bible promises that those who trust in Jesus as their LORD and SAVIOR will have the Spirit live within them and now members of the NEW COVENANT.  This means a new heart, one that can be obedient out of love to CHRIST and say no to sin…a heart that can change because of a new reality and identity in Christ.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and the chairmen of the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee called for Weiner to step down in separate statements earlier Saturday.

Weiner’s decision to seek treatment and take a leave was not enough to satisfy Pelosi, who wants him to step down, a Pelosi aide told CNN.

Response: Leaders from the Democrats are doing the right thing.  I commend them for it.

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