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This work is a response to the atheist Sam Harris, playing on Harris’ title “The End of Faith.” The author, Ravi Zacharias, is a capable writer and expresses clear and calm thinking throughout the book. Those who are familiar with Zacharias’ other work will expect to find the author’s tact, logical deconstruction and personal winsomeness, and certainly such readers will not be disappointed here. Those who spend some time following the New Atheist crowd will immediately notice the difference of tone and rhetoric that Zacharias display throughout the book versus those of the radical New Atheists. I’ve enjoyed the fact that the book’s approach was not a line by line refutation of Harris, but rather an attempt of a critique in terms of atheism as a worldview. This is helpful, and Zacharias’ strength of cultural and philosphical literacy is displayed in this work. Like many of the response to the New Atheist, this work is short (coming in a little over a hundred page) but I believe it is still powerful. Readers who want to engage more of Zacharias’ line of arguments or wish to see his ideas flushed out more elsewhere should read his other works, in particular “Can Man live without God” and “The Real Face of Atheism.”

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