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The Word of God does speak on the topic of how one can know whether or not one is a false prophet (one who does not speak from God but speaks presumptuously).  Note the following criteria:

You may say in your heart, ‘How will we know the word which the LORD has not spoken?’  When a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the things does not come about or come true, that is the thing which the LORD has not spoken.  The prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him.” (Deuteronomy 18:21-22)

How will one know that the words of a prophet is not from the LORD?  When it does not come about as true.

Again, this is what God’s Word require as a way of testing all prophets and so-called prophets.  It is God’s standard for those who claim to speak His name.

The wonderful thing about the internet is that it archives things in a day and age where people’s memory are short and prophetic claims can be easily forgotten as the next wave of sensational prophecies are made, people move on to the next trend, old prophecies are forgotten and not tested with the Word of God.

On Friday, October 13th 2006, Jaeson Ma, a popular young Charismatic preacher,  wrote on his blog a post titled “Prepare and Pray-Earthquake coming to LA in my spirit…”


He informs his readers that what he is about to write is prophetic:

Prophetically, I perceive that in Los Angeles something catostrophic, very likely an earthquake of great magnitude will devastate many in this land or region. Let me share…

And then proceed to share his prophecy of a Tsunami and a very large earthquake will be hitting Los Angeles.  How he knows this is because Jaeson Ma claims that God has given him a vision and a dream:

In early July I was flying back from a trip in Australia into Los Angeles airport. As I looked out the window of my seat, I saw Los Angeles and immediately in a open vision I saw the hills and valley of Los Angeles rolling and the cities being crushed. I was a bit shocked at seeing this vision, I kept it in my heart and prayed. That same night I had a very vivid dream where I saw once again the hills and valleys of Los Angeles county rolling up and down, the city being flattened and devastated, then I saw a large tsunami waves crashing over areas of Los Angeles and many peoples being wiped out. When I woke up I was shaken but also bewildered because I didnt think a tsunami type disaster would be possible in LA.

It was not just twice that Jaeson Ma claimed to have this truth revealed from God to him.  Afterwards, God gave him another dream:

About three weeks ago I had another very vivid dream. In this dream I was in a coastal beach are of Los Angeles. I was in a house near the beach with a loved one, when suddenly I looked out the large window doors of our home from the kitchen and saw MASSIVE WAVES the size of mountains approaching the beach and city area. I looked out, said look at that, we must get out of here! We started running out the house, scrambling. When we got out of the house, there were masses of people running over each other everywhere, all different ethnicities and then the waves hit, many people drowned, but by Gods grace we were able to get out of the devastation alive.

And then another dream from God:

Now, this morning I woke up at about 4:30am shaken by another series of dreams. In this dream I was with a friend and we had ran to a supply store in LA asking to get in, because we were hungry and without necessities. By grace the supply store nearly closed, but they let us in to get perishable foods and survival supplies. Then the scene changed and I was in my house when all of a sudden a large bull dozer type machine came crashing into the house, crushing the walls and leveling the entire home. By Gods grace, I was able to get out of the home, but had to run back in to grab some of my belongings, particularly one of my sandals.

And still another dream:

Lastly, the day after I received the massive tsunami dream. I had another dream where students from our church at UCLA were on the Santa Monica piere, it looked like there were deep, dark blue waves crashing into the beach, it wasn’t a tsunami but they were rough waves and very cold. Some students were jumping in head on and swam through the crashing waves to the other side of the waters where it was calm. I was afraid to, but as others went in, I went in also. I sensed this dream could have been a call to press through, not be afraid of what is to come because God is on our side, but to embrace what judgment may come, trust God and know that we will overcome by His strength and grace.

Apparently Jaeson Ma’s friends also had dreams that confirm this upcoming Tsunami were judgment of God upon LA:

This last week, at one of our sister churches prayer meeting, a missionary from world vision joined the prayer meeting not knowing anything about these prophetic dreams of judgment. She randomly felt led to share with the leaders that recently she had a dream where she saw large waves crashing into the campus of UCLA and they were not waves of revival, they were something catostrophic. She then said she saw the campus completely flooded and one of the large buildings (a parkings structure) completely toppled over. When she shared this- our leaders were shocked. She shared this the same week, just days before we did our prayer strike at UCLA this past weekend (Sat) with a large gathering of students.

Now when are these earthquakes and Tsunami in Los Angeles to take place?  For Jaeson Ma and his friends in 2006, it was certain that it was going to happen soon.

How soon?  After one of Ma’s many prophetic dreams of the impending Tsunami, the next morning a friend called him up sharing how his wife who had a prophetic dream and it left him depressed.  The reason was because this lady  allegedly had a precedence of being very accurate with her dreams, such as her dream a week before 9-11.  Therefore, since she had this tsunami dream, it was understood as very imminent:

When I woke up I was again deeply shaken in my spirit. An hour later I received a phone call from a missionary friend in Los Angeles. He left a voice mail message crying on the phone. He said, last night my wife had a dream of a massive tsunami wave that smashed into where we were living and our whole family was wiped out. He then said, his wife has had four other dreams with tsunamis in their lives and each time she had the dreams something devastating happened to their family, including the death of one of their sons to cancer who was wiped out in a dream by a tsunami months before it actually happened. When I called him, he was very discouraged, depressed and told me that his wife also had a dream one week before the 9-11 incident and knew it would happen, his wife is not one given to look to prophecy often, but her dreams have been quite accurate each time, this is why he was crying, sensing something imminent and devastating would happen to them soon. I shared with him I dont believe it is only for your family, because just that same morning I had received the dream of a massive tsunami wave hitting the coast of LA.

The imminence understood by Ma and friends was further elaborated in the blogpost in the practical response to these prophetic words.  Since it was understood as being just around the corner, people began selling their homes and stockpiling food and water.  It was understood that it would happen sometime before their stockpile of perishable food would expire:

Later on, to my surprise during this time back in Los Angeles I had met with a local pastor who told me that his wife and others in his congregation have had very vivid dreams of a massive earthquake hitting LA and also large tsunami waves crashing over the region wiping out many peoples. They felt it was so serious a warning from the Lord they sold their homes and others in their congregation also did the same to prepare and now are renting in the area. They are now preparing water, perishable foods and other preparations while praying for Gods mercy in the midst of judgement.

I suppose the next question is, is what were the expiration date of these food,  five years later.

Of course, one can say that the prophecy of the Tsunami and earthquake hitting Los Angeles has not happened yet.

More troubling is the concern one should have with Jaeson Ma after he has shared these alleged visions and dreams.  These prophetic words changes everything.  If people are selling their homes, storing up food because they believe it to be true, will the very messenger of these prophetic words not devote the same conviction in his response?

In light of his prophetic word that an enormous Tsunami and earthquake is coming, how can Jaeson Ma spend the time building human sand castles from 2006 onward marketing  his own fashionable clothing line, spending time and energy promoting his music video and pop single  (with no gospel of how Jesus saves sinners by God’s grace alone, through faith alone in Christ alone), recording himself randomly giving flowers to girls walking in downtown L.A., taking cool celebrity headshots, making inroads into the entertainment business and spending forty days in a monastery being a farmer because it’s “spiritual”, all the while  a literal Tsunami tide coming ashore…

Why isn’t Jaeson Ma devoted full time with singular full effort in preaching sober warning to the masses, issuing stern rebuke of sins, calling for people to have true repentance and biblically expounding on the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ as the one who atone for sins?  Will Jaeson Ma follows the pattern in Scripture of those with prophetic word of calamity such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Hosea, Amos, Joel, etc., even though it is unpopular and dangerous?

A Tsunami tide of God’s judgment and building human sand castles…what an imagery.

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