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I.                    Why should Christians know the details about the chapters and the entire Book of the verse we are studying?

a.       The importance of having the bigger picture

i.      Rather than grasping individual and isolated trees of facts, we need to have the ‘forest’ of Biblical truths.

b.      The verses in which an individual study, along with its immediate contexts, are part of a larger whole.

i.      There is a reason why the verse was written, and it was written from the reason that arises out of the need addressed in the context of the chapter and the book in the Bible.

1.      Why was the verse written? The relationship between the verse and its chapters and book context can give us more insight and understanding.

c.       Earlier in Session nine it outlined how each verse shares a relationship with other verses.  In the same fashion, but at a larger scale, the other verses or paragraphs in the Book or Chapters are related somehow to the verse and its immediate context.

II.                 Principles One through Six in Session Nine ought to be applied for the verses in the entire chapter or Book

a.       This is no easy task and takes time, but the fruit of this would be greatly rewarded if it can be done.

b.      This is why its important to study Scripture in an exegetical and verse-by-verse fashion.

III.               Further principle: Knowing historical details of the Book

a.       Sometimes it is important to also have more historical background for the particular book of the Bible.

i.      This can be gleamed from the pages of the Book itself.

ii.      This may also require outside sources and references such as commentaries, Encyclopedias, Bible Handbooks, etc.

b.       This additional historical background information can correct faulty interpretation or aid in properly interpreting a passage of Scripture.


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