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Thought these links were good stuff to look out from this past week.  They might interests those who are interested in Presuppositional apologetics.  Some links might not be on Presuppositional apologetics per se, but of interests for those in this circle.

1.) Going Meatless and Spouseless- A good post on medical ethics by Paul Manata, sharing his personal experience as a Navy Corpsmen.  As a Marine myself, Navy Corpsmen are about the few things in the Navy not made fun of =).  This post touches on Randal’s comment about the Robertson statement concerning divorcing your Alzheimer’s spouse.

2.) Book Review: The Doctrine of the Word of God by John Frame– A reviewed by Mike Robinson on the latest work by Dr. Frame.

3.) Praxis Presup: Episode 17– Chris Bolt’s podcast focusing on the practical side of things in Presuppositional apologetics, this episode critiques some atheists that Sye TenBruggencate had some interaction with.

4.)Penultimate Thoughts on the Licona Controversy– Steve Hays over at Triablogue has some food for thought concerning the recent controversy with Michael Licona.

5.) Dr. John Whitcomb Honored for ‘Genesis Flood’ 50 Years Milestone-  A short page about this over at Answers in Genesis.

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