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The LA Times reported this story:

UC Berkeley student leaders are condemning a campus Republican group’s satirical “diversity bake sale” offering pastry prices based on race and gender.

Student senators at the University of California campus said in a 19-0 vote on Sunday that the bake sale is discriminatory.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports the Berkeley College Republicans still plan to hold Tuesday’s bake sale on campus.

The event is designed to denounce a bill on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk that would allow California public universities to consider race, ethnicity and gender in student admissions.

The GOP group on Tuesday plans to sell baked goods accordingly: Items for white customers cost $2; for Asians, $1.50; for Latinos, $1; for black customers, 75 cents, and for Native Americans, a quarter.

Women get a 25-cent discount.

The satire seems to be loss by those who are more progressive.  I read this news article over at the San Francisco Gate:

Hundreds of students opposed the bake sale on Facebook, and many sent letters of complaint to campus administrators. Alfredo Mireles, Jr., a UCSF nursing student who sits on UC’s Board of Regents, issued a statement condemning “a common stunt performed by college Republican groups to protest affirmative action policies.”

A few dozen students attended Sunday’s special meeting, and several members of the Republican group defended their actions.

The bill that emerged from the student senators did not punish the group, or even name it, but referred to the power of a separate Judiciary Council to defund any campus group found to be discriminatory.

“The ASUC,” the bill reads, “condemns the use of discrimination whether it is in satire or in seriousness by any student group.”

I thought the last part of the excerpt above was ironic.  Talk about being blind to their own view of political legislation.

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