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This week on Veritas Domain, we will feature free books on the internet relevant to theology, the Christian worldview and apologetics.  Some are audio books while some will be PDF files or for Amazon Kindle.  Some are for a limited time, some have been online for a while now and little known.

Be blessed by them!

Check back this week for the updates!

Monday: Think by John Piper

Tuesday: Wealth and Poverty Four Christian apologetics

Wednesday: World Tilting Gospel by Dan Phillip

Thursday: The Gospel of Isaiah by Alan MacRae

Friday: Types, Psalms and Prophecies by David Baron

Saturday: A Survey of Christian Epistemology by Cornelius Van Til

Sunday: Biblical Creationism by Henry Morris

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Dan Phillips, one of the bloggers on TeamPyro has written a book this year titled, “World Tilting Gospel.”

It is currently available for free on Kindle format.  This is for a limited time.

Click HERE

There’s also the chance of winning a hard copy edition of the book, by finding out about here.

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