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As the reader of Veritas Domain know, this week has been devoted to free books online touching on Christian worldview, theology and apologetics.

I truly believe that Messianic Prophecies are important in the Presuppositionalist’s apologetics arsenal (what better way to open up the Scripture to the nonbeliever, while also being conscious of epistemology, philosophy of history and one’s worldview?).

This word, Types, psalms and prophecies:Being an Old Testament Studies, is a bit of an older work and the free edition is published in 1907.  The author was a Messianic Jew and have written other works that is beneficial to the Christian studying the Old Testament.  It is unfortunate some of his works are not online for free.

If you want to read the work in it’s entirely (more than a sample) on Google books, click HERE.

It can also be downloaded.

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