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The big news today is that the Duggar Family, who are Christians, have just announced that they are expecting their twentieth child.

I’ve also stumbled upon the news piece by Huffington Post and the comments left on the article is quite telling about how some people think.

I think it is telling a lot about the operating worldview of the Secular left.  As a Christian, it’s great to analyze these comments and think about them Biblically.  As someone who want to have a big family myself, I hear these types of comments pretty regularly in my ministry in college campuses in Southern California:

Comment #1:

37 minutes ago (7:47 PM)


.that’s all they’re thinking of. They aren’t doing it any more for the love of God…they­’re just doing it for the MONEY…gr­eedy!

RESPONSE: It’s always great to see how people can read the hearts and motives of men…I mean, how does this commentator on the internet know the motives of a married couple that they really are not doing this for the love of God…but all about money?  In a world where people are having reality shows airing all their laundry and folly for the world for money, I’m surprise how many of those reality stars are broke and ruined their lives…the fact that the Duggars have been out of debt, and the father is successful to feed his family tells me more about how this family is with their money and makes me want to tune to catch a slice of their life and lifestyle!  The same people who would condemn the Duggars for having a reality TV show and profiting from it would be the same people who are Keeping up with the Kardashians and see nothing wrong with it!  At least any time the Duggar family are on TV, it’s a wholesome time for the whole family, unlike Kim who can only be married for 72 days and sold her rights to the marriage broadcast for how much amount of outrageous money???

Comment #2:

36 minutes ago (7:48 PM)


RESPONSE: I always thought it is ironic of how people’s response to a big Christian family is to think about the amount of sex that must have occurred in order for that married couple to have that many amount of kids…and then they think “Ewww!”  As if having sex within marriage is a bad thing.  If I didn’t know better, I would think that the secular left are Victorian Era prudes.  Then these same people who go “EWW!”  a few minutes afterwards would go out and lust in their imagination (or in reality),  committing lusts and all kinds of fornication with strangers, one night stands, friends with benefits and all kinds of immoral illicit sexual relationships outside of marriage, with almost bragging rights to those whose prowess has an appetite for more…and this is the game that they play with an approval and goal for more sex.  Ironic.  Having sex with those outside of marriage, fornication and adultery is seem by these kind of people as cool.  God pronounces woe to those who call what is right, evil, and what is evil, right.   I think what’s really gross is the idea of having one’s private area in physical contact with the toilet in a public restroom that has many others using it…that thought gives me the creeps and disgusts me, and to think that’s the equivalent of what some in the world do in their sexual sins with others outside of God’s parameter of marriage.  That’s gross…

Comment #3:

1 hour ago (7:13 PM)

I cannot imagine why they continue to breed. Or not use birth control.

Response: For those who often champion the right to privacy and tolerance without judgement when it comes to people’s choice of their sex lives, I always thought it is ironic that some of these same people would have to pass judgment or be intolerant of others who are different than them…I don’t want Big Brother in my bedroom, nor do I want some self-righteous  hypocrites that are better-than-thou…to talk about birth control on anybody’s marriage if they don’t want it.

Comment #4:

1 hour ago (7:00 PM)

Dear the dad from “20 Kids and Counting”,
Love, All the people who KNOW that this is sick

Response: Says…the same liberal who would say, “Who are you to control my own body, I can do what ever I want, it’s my body…”  I sometimes believe the group that this group is really not about freedom in the bedroom from their reaction…

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