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The author Dan Phillips is perhaps best known for being one of the bloggers at TeamPyro. This work is an exposition of the Gospel saving message which Dan Phillips makes clear in the beginning of the book is world-tilting. The Gospel is suppose to be radical and life changing, and no doubt it is. Given the terrible state of Christianity today when it comes to Gospel and Biblical literacy, this work would be good for the hands of the people in the pew or even those who do not believe in Christianity so that at least they understand the biblical message of the Gospel. Written for a general reading audience, Phillips talks to his reader like the way you expect he would in his blog: informal, at times witty and funny, and to the point. His message is derived from Scripture and the quotation and references to chapters and verses are sprinkled throughout the work. Phillips’ work is largely a positive presentation of Christianity rather than a negative critiques of what he described as Evangellybeans (weakened comprimising forms of Christianity). I found the most fascinating part of the book was his chapters that dealt with sanctification. Here he does engage in a little polemic concerning three faulty view of sanctification and I thought the chapter devoted to the mystical view of “Let Go, and Let God” was probably the best chapter in the book since this view has largely been ignored in written treatment yet it is one that Christians sometime even assume as a faulty view of God’s sovereignty and human responsibility. I would recommend this work for new Christian, non-Christian or older Christians to be reminded of the Gospel. I enjoyed this work, with it’s illustrations from time to time and also the author’s own original translation. Definitely a work worth buying as a gift for others.

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