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Covenant Theological Seminary has for free Seminary lectures on the early years of Francis Schaeffer by Jerram Barrs, which is available by clicking HERE.

This is the course description on their website:

Course Description

Identification of the biblical emphasis in the thought and life of Francis and Edith Schaeffer, with a focus on the development of their early ministry in the United States and Europe and the founding of L’Abri. The course considers issues related to spiritual growth, the Christian family, the unity of the church, Christians and the arts, and various aspects of Christian ministry.

The same lecture series is also available on ITUNES!

After hearing the whole lecture, I thought the series was pretty good.  The professor personally knew the Schaeffers, and he brought out interesting insight from time to time.  Those stories are gold.  The early years of Francis Schaeffer, and that of his family are important background to understanding the development of Schaeffer’s thought and attitude.  Interesting is the discussion of the Evangelical and Fundamentalist distinction that play much in understanding Schaeffer’s life’s theme of “Truth and LOVE.”  The lectures are also heavily dependent upon the book, THE TAPESTRY, by the wife Edith Schaeffer who wrote about their family’s journey.  Definitely worth listening to, whether you are familiar with Schaeffer’s work, or you have heard about Francis Schaeffer but never read his work yet (which will be a good introduction).

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