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This work is worth the money and time in buying and reading from front to end. If you do not have money, sell your possessions to buy it! Our church has read this for our mid-week fellowship and it has challenged all of us in our Christian life when it comes to the issue of finance and posessions. It has also been used by the Lord to make me re-evaluate and re-affirm the importance of what I do in this life now, in light of the reality that there is an eternity with God coming. This work is best read a chapter a week, and meditations or discussion over (the back of the work has some useful group questions). Alcorn teaches the principle of Christian finance with Scripture as his foundation and plenty of illustrations that vividly hammer the point home. Readers will appreciate the statistics he cite from time to time as well. I do not believe I am over-exaggerating when I say that every Christian must read this book. To borrow a saying Alcorn used in his book, our church hymns tells us a lot about Christ, and our check book should as well. The book tackles on the topic of how unbiblical the prosperity of the gospel is, Christian giving to the local church, wisdom in giving to charities, dealing with materialism, church building funds, paying of pastors, fundraisers, raising kids and teaching them Christian giving, loans, savings, etc. Again, this book is worth buying, not only to finish reading from cover to cover (and applying it), but it’s worth being a home reference after one is done as well. Highly recommended.

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