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Just got back power from a power outage that hit our area since last Wednesday night.

All analogies reaches a point where it can broken down, but I thought the whole matter provide a good illustration for Presuppositional apologetic (as taught by Cornelius Van Til, Greg Bahnsen and John Frame):

Sometimes, one does not know how much is dependent upon something until it is taken away, or shown what it would look like without it.  This is true of electricity at home or of our dependence on God as Creator and Sustainer.  After the big winds in Southern California blew down trees that knocked out power poles in our area, I realized how dependent I was on electricity at home.  As I drove home from work, my wife called my cell to let me know that there was a blackout in our area.  I thought it would be okay, I could still use my laptop and go online to check my email in the dark when I get back.  I got home, opened the door and realized there was no night light–the first sign that my life at home depended on electricity.  I reached for the tall lamp–only to be reminded again that there was no electricity.  As I headed to the kitchen, out of habit I hit the light switched, and again I did the same thing with each room– I became quite conscious that I have an uncontrollable, unconscious habit of turning on the light–a habit that normally does not even require a thought, but now the focus of my attention, as I am brought to the realization of my dependence of electricity at home.  I used my cell phone and was glad that it was a source of power that can exist apart from what was happening with the power lines.  I used it to look at the fridge for a glass of water and apple juice–and realized that the power was out from there too.  I looked to my phone to see what the time was–oh no, battery is low, time for it to be charged–only to be reminded once again that the power was out.  I sat down, thinking that at least my laptop has a decent battery life for me to go online.  With the blue screen staring before me as my window was starting, I realized that there was no way I could go online even with my self-sufficient battery powered laptop– the router without electricity would not work.  Even then, my laptop would eventually need to be charged.  My reliance on home electricity really made it’s point however, with each passing moment I didn’t have power.  Minutes turned into hours, hours into a whole day, and that turn into days.   Then one night the power finally came back.  It was perspective changing, an electrifying energy swept the house–and I am not talking about electricity.

POINT:  In the same way, the Christian apologist is trying to make the point that our dependence on the living God is sometimes taken so much for granted as the precondition for the meaningfulness and intelligibility of human experiences, that we are not aware of it–until someone tries to “pull the power” and attempt to push us to live out that worldview which denies Christianity, or reduce such a worldview to absurdity.  To live under such a “house” cannot sustain the 21st century man–just as the same way a worldview cannot give meaning and intelligibility if it cuts the Triune God as the Sustainer and Creator.


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