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This is another work by Ravi Zacharias where he writes of an imaginary dialogue between famous people in history. In this book, it centers on the conversation between Hitler and Jesus. I’ve enjoyed other works by the author in the similar vein as this book, but I thought this particular book in the Great Conversations series was not as superb as the one Zacharias wrote on Jesus and Buddha titled, The Lotus and the Cross. It is hard to situate a realistic setting of Jesus dialoguing with Hitler, and the beginning of the book begins with an American tourist in Germany with his German friend touring historical World War Two sites in a contemporary context. They end up imagining what the last moments of Hitler’s life was like, and then Hitler waking up to face Jesus. Jesus ushers in other witnesses such as Hitler’s henchmen and victims. I thought the book had quite a long dialogue with Bonheffer with Hitler in the presence of Hitler. In fact, it seems Bonhoffer spoke more than Jesus! I know that the book’s main point was not to articulate a political philosophy, but I thought some of the dialogues would provoke the readers to think more deeply about a Christian theology of the State. The question of whether or not Hitler could have repented and become a Christian is raised at least twice throughout the book, and that sets it up with a dramatic ending of Hitler going to hell because he can’t imagine his own enemy being forgiven and going to heaven. Ravi has done well in his other books that are similar to this book, though this time I do think there were some cheesy parts that I don’t think appeared in his other works.

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