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I know Veritas Domain talks a lot about worldview, theology and apologetics.  But I also believe that the Christian apologist in helping someone through doubt and intelluctual issues must also not be divorced from considering issues pertaining to the individual’s spiritual life.    In the ministry, I find that at times, those who struggle in their faith might also be struggling in other areas of their lives as well.  For instance, an individual might be struggling with the goodness of God in their lives–the equipped apologist can give an apologetic, but if the individual is swayed to think that God is not good because his own personal life at home and at work is a wreck, then it’s also important to address his life biblically and have the Word of God have a bearing in his problems.  Hence, the need for the apologist to be equipped to counsel and able to teach the individual to attain godliness through discipline and those who are Presuppositional in their apologetics should be the first to understand and see the importance of this need.  In this spirit, I recommend Jay Adam’s work.

They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover–and I say neither it’s size.  This is a worthwhile booklet to read in striving for godliness. I enjoy the author’s effort in communicating the biblical truth of how to be godly involves discipline and his clear illustrations.  Jay Adams, the father of biblical counseling, have written other works that have edified me and given me tremendous hope and paradigm shift when it comes to sanctification, living to please God and solving one’s problem with the power of Christ.  It is valuable to those who read this work to understand that godliness requires discipline, and one must have the right intellectual understanding that this require patience, and no matter what everyone is being “disciplined” or making a habit of something always–whether for sin or to please God.  I recommend that pastors and Biblical counselors use this work–as I have been using it recently with different members in our church, where I assign them to read the book, highlight key passages and then meet up to talk about it for the purpose of application.

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