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Part of being more consistent with a Christian worldview is the realization that there is no neutrality when it comes to secularism and a Biblically informed education.  Hence, the topic of homeschooling is important, for those who want to pursue this option in raising up their children.  A practical book is rare in this regards, but one that readers might consider is “Lessons Learned from Years of Homeschooling”by Andrea Schwartz.

This book is authored by a home school mom, and is largely a work that shares veteran experiences of years of homeschooling. As a parent who is looking towards the possibility of homeschooling my children, I thought I look into this book more for the practical wisdom rather than a fully orbed Christian worldview of education. The chapters were short, so it was a nightly reading for my wife and I. There were times when we wondered if the book was bragging about how accomplished her kids were, but we get the point that Christians can homeschool their kids in ways that shows success and achievements. I wished there were more practical wisdom the author could have “handed” down to the readers. However, given that there are probably not a lot of books like these, I would recommend it and something that readers can still learn from and reflect about the challenges of homeschooling

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