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For those of you who are looking for a conference to attend, I recommend the Resolved Conference.  This year’s conference will focus on the importance of loving and serving the local church.    Check out the video below.  Also here is the website for Resolved Conference: http://www.resolved.org.

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The author of this work went from being a Dispensationalist to becoming an adamant critic against Dispensationalism. This work is divided into five chapters, each that were originally published as five articles for the author’s magazine in 1952, the year of his death. Having spiritually benefited from Pink’s work, I do not think this particular work represents Pink’s at his finest. Readers who think of Dispensationalism largely in terms of the system that advocate a pre-tribulational rapture theory and Premillennialism will notice that these two doctrines are not the subject of discussion in the book. Instead, the book focuses largely on the hermeneutical issues of Dispsensationalism’s butchering of the Word of God as being no longer relevant for the church age. I find myself agreeing with Pink when it comes to the issue of more continuity between the Old and the New Testament more than perhaps the typical Dispensationalists would, but I do not believe Pink has offered a refutation of the essence of Dispensationalism. Here it might be good for readers to interact with the current work of contemporary Dispensationalist’s definition of Dispensationalism such as Michael Vlach of The Master’s Seminary and Dr. Feinberg’s contribution in the book, “Continuity and Discontinuity,” and also aware of the common myths about dispsensationalism such as it being necessarily antinominian, teaching salvation by the law, etc.

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