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Praise God when the Gospel is preached in a dark world.  Whether it be one-on-one or open-air preaching, I am uplifted when the Gospel is proclaimed.  Please check out this video as a brother-in-Christ passionately, ardently, and methodically gives a clarion call to the unbelievers to accept the Gospel at the traffic lights.

Please see this video:

And for those of you who oppose open-air preaching, please consider reading this blog by Pastor Geoffrey Kirkland, an alumni of The Masters’ Seminary.  He provides some very biblical logical points that buttresses the notion of this lost art called open-air preaching.

The (Lost) Art of Street Preaching — Must It Be Resurrected?

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This debate took place in London 2011, but James White has just recently loaded up online the whole thing for us to view on Youtube!

And also part 2:

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