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I’ve enjoyed this work by Spurgeon, a good devotional for the pastor and those in ministry. Exhorts the readers to be faithful to the Word of God.  May I also add that this might be a devotional book for the apologist as well, to put the work they do in perspective of the Great fight for the Faith.  This work at times seems so timely for our day and age despite the fact that the author is a Victorian era preacher.  As usual with Spurgeon, his personality with his humor and illustration comes through to the reader.  The work exhorts the readers to be faithful to the gospel and the Word of God.  Among the many illustrations, one that I like was how he talked about the need for learning and not being lazy, and that he once heard a pastor who was paid so little that Spurgeon talked to the church about how that salary was not fitting for a poor farmer to which the congregation replied that was already far more worth than what he does.  No minister or vocational apologist should have that be descriptive of them. Overall, encouraging work, and I am sure that it makes the readers wonder what would Spurgeon have sound like if he was alive today.

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