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I’m a fan of reading up things by Old Princeton and also about Old Princeton. Or for that matter, listening to things about Old Princeton.

Of course, there are lots of debates about the significance and the legacy of Old Princeton, even among conservatives.

Greenville Seminary has loaded up some of the lectures from their Spring 2012 conference and also podcasts interviews on this subject.  You might enjoy them! I can not wait till they load up all the lectures online.

Princeton and the Old Testament– Interview with Dr. Benjamin Shaw.  Fascinating discussion, and I believe that this topic is very relevant today in light of the fact that some scholars that came from a Reformed Presuasion has swayed into more liberal methods, it’s a timely lesson for today.

Charles Hodge and Thornwell Debate- Interview with Dr. Willborn on this historical discussion.

Scripture, Inerrancy and the Role of Reason- Lecture by Dr. Helseth who wrote the book concerning Princeton and Right reason (gets into the controversy of Scottish Sense realism charge).

Biblical Rational for a Reformed Seminary- Dr. Pipa, president of Greenville Seminary, gives the rational for a Reformed Seminary.



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