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I meant to write a review of this book earlier, with better memory of the reading rather than two years after finishing the book! In light of the importance of the abortion issue even being more so with the election season and Planned Parenthood being on the news, it’s important that I review this work as a Christian resource to equip the believers with the issue. The author is a Christian bio-ethicist who writes this work for Evangelicals as his primary audience, though of course those who are not Christians will benefit from his content as well in making a case for the unborn as a human person. He even have a chapter presenting the case for Christianity summarized. This book is excellent for contemporary discussion about abortion, with the author devoting a chapter (chapter four) discussing the issue of Embryonic Stem Cell Research (ESCR) as well. The first part of the book presents the prolife argument very well, beginning with the need of clarifying the debate by focusing on what the issue really is about, and then asking what is the unborn, whether human beings are valuable, etc. For those who have been involved in the abortion debate, one realizes that all kinds of objections are thrown against the prolife position and this book is helpful addressing some of these objections and popular side topics. In fact, this section of the book is the biggest portion of the book. Klusendorf ends the book with a section of how to act for the cause of the unborn, such as what pastors can do and how Christians can be involved with prolife with others without compromising their faith. Worth the read–and perhaps for me, a second read of this book again to refresh the memory and the arguments.

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