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Presuppositional apologetics (as advocated by Cornelius Van Til) should make the Christian conscious of being biblically driven in developing a Christian worldview towards every subject; for if the tenet assumes that we ought not to be autonomous but submit to the Lordship of Christ in every sphere of our life, the political realm ought also to be thought through politically as well.

In developing a Christian worldview towards politics, I think it’s important that we do not reinvent the wheel but be in conversation with other believers.  To that end, Joel McDurmon of American Vision has worked on a project that Christians should be aware of.  It’s called “Restoring America One County at a Time,” and tackles subject such as a Christian view of education, the military, etc.  From what I understand a book and DVD teaching series is in the works to expand on what has been expounded.


Restoring America One County at a Time – Master Table of Contents


1. Education

1.1  Freedom in education: how America once had it

1.2  Freedom in education: how it was lost

1.3  Freedom in education: how to get it back

2. Welfare

2.1  Welfare in a free society: the way it used to be

2.2  Freedom in welfare: how it was lost

2.3  Freedom in welfare: how to get it back

3. Localism

3.3  “County Rights” and the ideal of freedom

3.4  Local sovereignty: how freedom was lost

3.5  Local sovereignty: how to get it back

4. States’ Rights

4.1  States’ Rights: how States were once free

4.2  States’ Rights: how freedom was lost (in part)

a.    States’ Rights: George Washington and the loss of freedom

4.3  Restoring States’ Rights

5. Taxation

5.1  Taxation and a free society

5.2  Taxation: how freedom was lost

5.3  Slashing taxes by biblical proportions

6. Money

6.1  Freedom in money and banking

6.2  Freedom in money and banking: how it was lost

6.3  The Return to honest money

7. The Marketplace

7.1  Freedom in the marketplace

7.2  America and free markets: the startling truth

7.3  Putting the “free” back in free markets

8. Courts

8.1  Courts of law in a free society

8.2  Judicial tyranny in America

8.3  Restoring freedom in the Judiciary

9. War and the Military

9.1  The military and war in a free society

9.2  War and the military: how freedom was lost (beginnings)

a.    A tale of two rebellions

b.    Lincoln vs. Taney: a case of military tyranny

c.    Total war, the Pineapple Empire, and the Total State

d.    The Warfare-Welfare State: Hell on Earth

9.3  Restoring freedom in national defense

10. The Executive

10.1  Freedom and executive power

10.2  Executive tyranny: how freedom was lost

10.3  Restoring freedom from executive tyranny


A.    Repeal the Seventeenth Amendment

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