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Today (May 3rd) is Van Til’s birthday.  Though he was born in the year 1895 and died 1987, his thoughts about theology and apologetics is still important.

I thought I put here a quote worth thinking and meditating over as Reformed apologists, to work on our humility in light of our beliefs in the Sovereignty of God:

By grace you are saved. You were not wiser than other men. It is not you that have chosen Christ to be your Savior; it is Christ the Savior who has chosen you to be his witnesses. It is not you who by depth psychology have discovered the true need of man; it is Christ who through his servant John tells you that the whole world lieth in wickedness.

<SOURCE:  ‎”Keep Yourselves From Idols.” Presbyterian Guardian 34/6 (July-Aug 1965)>

If we truly understand that it’s God’s perogative in that we are even saved and know Him, I think our approach in apologetics would be a lot more humble towards those who do not believe.

We would also not see prayers and the task of apologetics, evangelism and academia as mutually exclusive.

We will also practice what old Dr. Robert Morey once called, “Doxological apologetics.”  We would be thankful to God for the opportunity to defend the Truth and worship Him even as we engage in the defense of the faith!

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