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Church history and particularly historical theology are important for the Christians to be aware of, as it tells us where our theology comes from and also lessons for us today!

Our friend Mike has loaded up lectures on church, part of a three part series for 2012.

Here are the lectures:

13/02/12 Gary Brady The Great Ejection of 1662
26/03/12 Stephen Rees Axminster after 1662
23/04/12 Jeremy Walker Latimer – God’s Bulldog

You can listen to lectures from previous years HERE.

Here are the schedule for 2013 that’s still in the works:

February 11th 2013. Richard Brooks, Octavius Winslow 1808 – 1878

March 4th 2013. Daffyd Morris, Subject TBA

April 8th 2013. Geoff Thomas, Cornelius Van Til


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