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Here are half-dozen or so Presuppositional apologetics links that I found worth the reader’s attention!

1.) John Frame and Vern Poyhress’ website is asking for financial support for their excellent website, which many of you might have benefited from their free resources…which will also have a major overhaul!

2.) Understanding the Nature of Scripture, of Jesus, and the “Dis-Ease” of Theistic Evolutionists (BioLogos) by Callie Joubert, over at the Answer’s Research Journal.

3.) Perspicacity and Ignorance--by RazorKiss over at Choosing Hats blog.

4.) New E-book sold: The Sure Existence of Moral Absolutes: The Proof that God Exists, by Mike Robinson.

5.) A Non-Specialist Can Earnestly Defend the Faith by Ben Russell.

6.) Thoughts on the Use of Exegesis in Apologetics by Fred Butler.

7.) Triablogue’s 10,000 Post– I have been challenged and encouraged by the amazing crew at that blog when it comes to apologetics, theology, politics and worldview, with the incredible Steve Hays leading the way!

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