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The following are links that has to do with Presuppositional apologetics or subjects that Presuppositionalist would be interested in.


1.) From Theodicy to Theophany: Inscrutability and the Problem of Evil– by Scott Oliphint.

2.) Book Review: A Shot of Faith to the Head (To the Head)— Review of this new book by James Anderson.

3.) God and Language— Chapter by Vern Poythress.

4.) Gay Christianity Refuted— Five hour long audio by James White!

5.) Responding to Podcasts attacking Presuppositionalism part 1 and 2 and 2.5— by Rhology.

6.) Blogging about the evils of blogging the evils of blogging by Steve Hays.

7.) John Calvin and the Two Kingdom part 1 and 2.

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