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Michael J. Kruger has recently authored a new book on the Canon of the Bible.  He is a professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, NC.  I will be listening to these four lectures on the origins and development of the Canon!  According to Monergism, they were produced for the Kistemaker Lecture Series, RTS-Orlando, March 2012.  If John Frame’s endorsements on the back of Michael J. Kruger’s new book mean anything, it seems that Kruger has added the insights of Presuppositional apologetics in the discussion of the Canon and the defense of the Canon, and that’s exciting!  It’s wonderful to see Van Til being relevant.

“The Definition of ‘Canon’: Exclusive or Multi-Dimensional?” (MP3)

“The Origins of Canon: Was the Idea of a New Testament a Late Ecclesiastical Development?” (MP3)

“The Artifacts of Canon: Manuscripts as a Window into the Development of the New Testament”(MP3)

“The Messiness of the Canon: Do Disagreements Amongst Early Christians Pose a Threat to Our Belief in the New Testament?” (MP3)


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