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A few months ago I did a post about Greenville’s Presbyterian Theological Seminary’s 2012 Theological Conference’s theme was on Old Princeton.  Old Princeton is a fascinating part of historical theology for me–and no doubt from the amount of books and journals published about it, the contribution of Old Princeton is still important and relevant when it comes to understanding apologetics, bibliology, ecclesiology, the modernist/fundamentalist divide, etc.

They have just recently loaded up all the lectures from that conference for Free!  Let them you appreciate it.  I know I definitely do!  On that note, I’m also thankful for our friend Jeff Downs who loaded these up!

There are twelve Mp3s in the Series:

1.) “Princeton Beginnings (A. Alexander)” by James Garretson

2.) “Samuel Miller’s Pastoral Theology” by Pastor Andrew Webb

3.) “Princeton and the Old Testament” by Benjamin Shaw

4.) “Scripture, Inerrancy, & the Role of Reason” by Paul Helseth

5.) “Princeton and Missions” by L. Anthony Curto

6.) “Ecclesiology: The Hodge/Thornwell Exchange” by C. N. Willborn

7.) “19th Century Crosscurrents: Hodge/Finney/Neven” by Daryl G. Hart

8.) “Princeton and Evolution/Creation” by Joseph Pipa

9.) “Biblical Rationale for a Reformed Seminary” by Joseph Pipa

10.) “Theological Assessment of B. B. Warfield” by Carl R. Trueman

11.) “Machen and the End of Old Princeton” by Daryl G. Hart

12.) “Q&A Combined” by Various Speakers

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