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I’ve enjoyed this book by the Puritan John Flavel. I do like how the author brings the devotional flavor to the subject of God’s providence. He discusses the providence of God before we are born, when we are born, whom we are born to, growing up, coming to saving faith and also how we die. What this book really challenged me was to reflect in my own lives the providence of God and His divine favor and mercy–and how God has been the one who had a better plan than I did and led me to the right direction. The author also balances discussion about providence and His guidance with the need for the Word of God as the directing norms in our lives, and not use the excuse that providence has allowed us the door to go sin. Excellent book.


Apparently you can access this work in various format.  If you want this work in MP3, Still Water Revival has it offered free HERE.  If you want to read it online, go here.  Of course, you can always get a physical book copy through Purtitan Paperback.

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