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Pastor Austin Duncan preaching about the importance of church membership and the local church.  This is an important message for church lovers and church critiques.

Here is a sample dose from this message,

If we expose our own sin, God will cover it up. If we cover our sin, God will expose it.” ~ Austin Duncan

Just because God is for you doesn’t mean he’s about you.” ~ Austin Duncan

There is no such thing in the early church as a Christian who is not part of a church body.” ~ Austin Duncan

In Acts coming to Christ meant being added to the church body.” ~ Austin Duncan

The word membership isn’t in the Bible but the concept is everywhere in Scripture.” ~ Austin Duncan

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It mirrors John Piper’s message, “Don’t Waste Your Life,” especially the illustration on collecting sea shells.


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Here is a good sermon by John MacArthur regarding the true church and the Catholic Church.  May this video be a rebuke to Christians who think that the Catholic Church is a biblical church.

There is only one head of the church – its not the Catholic Church, but God alone.


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