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Please see this session.  If you have not been up to date in regards to the Resolved Conference theme this year, it is on the church.  Al Mohler, the president of Southern Baptist Seminary is preaching.

You must be smiling, SLIMJIM because one of your favorite preachers is here.

Parables are not sweet stories but explosive stories that offended people (Luke 16).” ~ Al Mohler

For the better part of the past 200 years theological liberals have been trying to air condition hell (Luke 16).” ~ Al Mohler


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Men, this is important for us to take heed to.  Grace and peace.

The greatest legacy a man can give his wife and children is theologically informed courage.” ~ John MacArthur

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Here is session 3.  One of my favorite preachers, Steve Lawson is delivering the Word of God regarding God’s church.  I pray that you will be edified by this message.

Neither one of us have been regenerated by the Spirit and redeemed by the blood of Christ simply to be passive observers of what others are doing in the spiritual world.” ~ Steve Lawson

Tell me where you go to church and it will tell me many things about you.” ~ Steve Lawson

Paul provides the profile of the kind of church we all need to be a part of in 1 Thess chapter 1.” ~ Steve Lawson

Some churches are just the frozen, chosen.” ~ Steve Lawson


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