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This message is intended for ladies of the church.  For more information on the speaker, please visit this website:



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C.J. Mahaney, a founder, pastor, and church planter of Sovereign Grace preaches on the topic of the church.  I thank God for using this man.  He has contributed much valuable resources in audio and writing.

A couple of years ago, a few other Christians and I went over a book called Why Small Groups? in a weekly Bible study that I used to teach.  The book is edited by C.J. and written by some Sovereign Grace pastors.  The book, which is in relation to the local church, has edified others and myself greatly.  I pray that  it will have an impact upon you as it has for me.  Much strife and conflict in a church you are attending can be avoided if one implements some of the important truths and principles articulated in this book.

For a free copy of this book in PDF, please see this link:

Why Small Groups?


Our grumbling is an expression of our ingratitude toward God” ~ C.J. Mahaney

The accent of our thoughts about our church should be on how God is at work – because God is at work.” ~ C.J. Mahaney

Evidences of grace starter kit: 1. Fruit of the Spirit 2. Gifts of the Spirit.” ~ C.J. Mahaney

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I have had the opportunity to speak to this man on many occasions personally; and what I can say about this man is that he is a loving shepherd who dearly loves the church.  I pray that this message will edify you.

He is also the author of a book called, Uneclipsing the Son.

Every Christian should be an ecclesiologist. Every Christian needs a strong theology of the church.” ~ Rick Holland

Christians who are not connected to a local church become weird, unbalanced and arrogant.” ~ Rick Holland

God intends for you to compare everything to Jesus and discover His superiority (Hebrews).” ~ Rick Holland


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The next sermon on the church is from Jonathan Rourke.    It has been said that this was a home run sermon concerning the church from the Book of Revelation.

Face to face encounters with Jesus Christ don’t elicit responses of familiarity (Rev 1:17).” ~ Jonathan Rourke

First works and first love go together (Rev 2:5).” ~ Jonathan Rourke

A pastor has to be affected by the text before he can be effective with the text.” ~ Jonathan Rourke

Our contemporary mind is always looking for the next great improvement on the gospel.” ~ Jonathan Rourk


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