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Here is the last message at Resolved Conference.  C.J. closed it out concerning the topic of the “church,” which is the theme of the conference.  For more information about C.J. Mahaney, please click on this link:

C.J. Mahaney

He is also an author of numerous books:


C.J. Mahaney also has an admirable personality, which is why people love to impersonate him.  🙂


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This is Al Moher’s last message at the Resolved Conference.  As I stated earlier, Al Mohler is the president of the Southern Baptist Seminary.  It is the is the oldest of the six seminaries that is affiliated with the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention).

Al Mohler is also an avid blogger, hosts a weekly talk show that is devoted to engaging contemporary culture with the biblical truth; and he is also an author of numerous books.

Blog Site

Al Mohler’s Books


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Here is the last message from Steve Lawson at Resolved Conference.  For those of you who do not know Steve Lawson, he is the pastor at Christ Fellowship Baptist Church and an author of numerous book.  It is also my understanding that he will be a professor at The Master’s Seminary soon.

On another note, Steve Lawson is known to produce many prolific resources concerning church history and the doctrines of grace.  For more information on these resources, I encourage to purchase his books and download his materials.  I can’t help but share the wealth with you guys.  May we all grow together in the grace and knowledge of our Lord, Christ Jesus.

Theology and Church History Resources in PDF

Steve Lawson’s Books

Also here is a sermon jam by Lawson that was edifying and convicting when I watched it:

I’ve never met anyone who is too heavenly minded. We will never be any earthly good until we are heavenly minded.” ~ Steve Lawson


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This is the last message from Rick Holland at the Resolved Conference.  If any of you are ever traveling to Kansas and would like to visit a good church, I encourage to visit Rick and his congregation.  Here is a link for more information:


Also if you are interested about Rick’s comments about this last Resolved Conference, I encourage you to read his blog post concerning it:

Thoughts on Last Resolved Conference

Thank you Rick for spearheading this conference for the last 8 years!

True Christian leadership must reflect God’s jealousy for his bride (2 Cor 11:2).” ~ Rick Holland

God intends for you to compare everything to Jesus and discover His superiority (Hebrews).” ~ Rick Holland


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