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Here are some links from the internet, that might be of interests to the Presuppositionalists and those who follow Presuppositional Apologetics.

The first two is concerned with engaging or not engaging an opponent:

1.) How to Reply to Numerous Questions by Genuine or Insincere Questioners Regarding the Truth of Christianity by Mike Robinson.

2.) On Not Worrying About Critics by Gary North.

The rest is on various issues with Presuppositionalism:

3.) Reformed Forum Interviews Vern Poythress on Inerrancy and Worldview

4.) Presuppositions Defined and Lordship by Joe Torres, quoting John Frame.

5.) Thought Thinking Itself? by Scott Oliphint.

6.) Recent Rise of Covenantal Apologetics: On Doug Wilson by Chris Bolt.

7.) Confession of 1967 by Cornelius Van Til

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