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Last year, I wrote a short post concerning my fascination with the relationship of Presuppositional Apologetics and Messianic Prophecies which you can read about HERE.  I do believe that it’s important for the apologist to be conscious of worldview and philosophical undercurrents behind those who might rule out Messianic prophecies that attests to the Christian faith as true, and would love to see more Presuppositionalists engage with Messianic prophecies, while those apologists who engage with the exegetical and historical work of Messianic prophecies be more equipped with Presuppositional apologetics as the framework of going about defending the faith!  To that end, I think this post might be appropriate for readers to be better equipped with knowledge of the amazing Messianic prophecy of Isaiah 53.

Earlier this year (2012), John MacArthur had a mini-series going through Isaiah 53, focusing on it as Messianic Prophecy of Jesus Christ.  They are made available by Grace to You ministries, and below, you can download each individual messages.

1.) The Astonishing Servant of Jehovah (Overview of Isaiah 53) Download: High Low

2.) The Startling Servant of Jehovah  (Isaiah 52:13-15) Download: High Low

3.) The Scorned Servant of Jehovah, Part 1 (Isaiah 53:1-3) Download: High Low

4.) The Scorned Servant of Jehovah, Part 2 (Isaiah 53:1-3) Download: High Low

5.) The Substituted Servant, Part 1  (Isaiah 53:4-6) Download: High Low

6.) The Substituted Servant, Part 2 (Isaiah 53:4-6) Download: High Low

7.) The Silent Servant, Part 1 (Isaiah 53:7-9) Download: High Low

8.) The Silent Servant, Part 2 (Isaiah 53:7-9) Download: High Low

9.) The Sovereign Servant, Part 1 (Isaiah 53:10-12) Download: High Low

10.) The Sovereign Servant, Part 2 (Isaiah 53:10-12) Download: High Low

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