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In reviewing this book, I have to first begin by noting that quality books on the Holy Spirit are few and far between. Of course, a quick search on the internet might lead one to think otherwise with the vast amount of literature listed but often these books are more about spiritual gifts, the issue of speaking in tongues and Spirit filled lives rather than on the person, work and Divinity of the Holy Spirit per se. In light of this landscape, Francis Chan’s work on the Holy Spirit would be a welcome addition on the Holy Spirit proper (if I can use that term). Chan writes this book for a popular audience and his style is helpful to that purpose: Short, simple, and to the point, while providing personal reflection of the implication of what the Bible reveals about the Holy Spirit. I believe the strength of this book is the personal implication that Francis Chan brings out for our lives. Certainly, this has blessed my own spiritual life. I’ve also find the first chapter very helpful for Christians wondering why the Holy Spirit is important even though we have Jesus, and also the lists in the book of the Holy Spirit’s ministry in our lives. Of course, no work discussing about the Holy Spirit can avoid the discussion of the state of spiritual gifts for the church today–and I’m sure that cessationists, Charistmatics and Pentecostal will not like his position. Francis Chan shares autobiographically here of his cessationist background (what he describe as being in the camp that’s afraid of the Holy Spirit) while at the writing of the book he’s more open to the supernatural today. He does not go into any defense of his view. Furthermore, I did have some lingering question as I read the book as to the author’s understanding of how the Holy Spirit lead believers. Overall, I did find this work helpful for the popular Christian audience.

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